Thinking about estate planning with a step-by-step approach

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Everyone has estate planning needs, but those needs are unique. Your needs will be different from your family members, neighbors or friends. The needs of a farmer in rural California, for example, will be different from a resident of Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, no matter how different you believe your estate planning needs will be from everyone else you know, any of our readers would likely benefit from approaching estate planning with a step-by-step approach.

As a recent news article mentioned, the first step is quite simple: understand that you can’t take your estate with you when you die. A bit depressing to think about, obviously, but starting from this stance means that you understand that someone else is going to receive everything you have after you die. Who do you want that to be?

Once you get a grasp of what you want to happen, you can start to craft a plan for how you would like it to happen. A fairly basic will could be enough for some people, while others may want to consider different options, such as trusts. And, a comprehensive estate plan will usually include other documents as well, such as power of attorney documents and a living will, for example.

Helping Californians with estate plan needs

At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients craft plans that are right for them, and for their family dynamics. We understand that the sheer amount of options in estate planning can be confusing, so we try to help our clients understand the options that work for their own unique situation. For more information, please visit the estate planning overview section of our law firm’s website.


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