Truckers could be trouble if they don’t yield to regulations

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While big rigs are vital to life in California, they can also destroy them in the blink of an eye. Their size and speed mean they have plenty of regulations to follow, and you could get compensation if they weren’t following safety guidelines.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has laws set in place to make sure drivers are operating safely along the Central Valley. When they aren’t playing by the rules, you may have an opening for compensation after an accident.

Unhealthy hauling

Though trucks play an important role in the area, they still need to obey the standards for sharing the road:

  • Unrested: Drivers in charge of a commercial vehicle have to follow very strict guidelines when it comes to their hours. Truckers that drive more than eight hours straight double their chance of an accident. That’s why rules limit hours, require breaks and order time between shifts.
  • Unsecured: The operator needs to have training in how to properly tie-down the loads they are carrying. When whatever they’re hauling slips, the responsibility could fall on them for improper distribution, overloading their vehicle or failing to check the contents.
  • Unmaintained: Federal regulations demand commercial truckers pay very close attention to the state of their vehicle. There are thorough rules and regulations for nearly every part of the truck, from brakes and trailer connectors to horns and windshield wipers. Anything that isn’t working properly could cause an accident.

If you’ve been in a wreck with a truck, there’s a chance that they’re to blame. Make sure you know what the requirements are for truckers operating on the road and you may have your avenue to recovery.

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