The MVA universe: many causes, multiple wrongdoers

On Behalf of Griswold LaSalle Cobb Dowd & Gin LLP

A quick observation can be noted concerning traffic across the greater San Joaquin Valley and Central Valley regions.

That is this: It is anything but uniform.

Myriad drivers and conveyances share roads that range from rural byways and agricultural corridors to busy urban thoroughfares and high-speed interstate freeways.

The individuals who routinely use those varied roadways are just as differentiated. Professional truckers haul commercial cargo in outsized big rigs. A wide variety of agricultural vehicles are constantly on the roads. Occupants in passenger vehicles are of course a commonplace. Buses dot the landscape, as do motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

That cumulative traffic mix makes for obvious complexity. And it also breeds roadway risks that sometimes yield serious and even fatal injuries for parties involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Third-party negligence is often at the heart of that. Time-pressured truck drivers sometimes fall asleep at the wheel. Some drivers headed home or to work focus more on their cellphones than on the immediate road realities surrounding them. Drunk drivers are a constant roadway nemesis.

Such carelessness or indifference often spawns a tragic toll. Accident victims – and often their loved ones as well – suffer devastating consequences in motor vehicle crash outcomes.

The law does what it can in such instances, providing victims an opportunity to secure a meaningful legal remedy marked by maximum compensation.

A proven and empathetic legal team can be a strong ally for a claimant seeking post-crash accountability and justice. Damages in a personal injury case can pay for medical expenses, recoup lost wages, cover future rehabilitation costs and compensate for pain and suffering.

An experienced personal injury law firm can provide further information.

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