The dangers of pedestrian accidents

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Although most people use a car or other form of motorized transportation to get around, walking is a healthy and inexpensive method of transportation. Pedestrian accidents may even occur while walking through a parking lot, standing outside of a vehicle, or while crossing a single street.

Pedestrian accident numbers remain high

Pedestrian accidents remain a major problem in California and nationwide. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 6,000 pedestrians were killed in pedestrian accidents in 2019. That same year, it was estimated that a pedestrian was killed in an accident every 85 minutes.

Many pedestrian accidents are caused by negligence. Drivers on the road have a legal duty to drive reasonably and prudently. If this duty is breached, and this causes a pedestrian to be struck, resulting in serious injury or death, negligence may be established. Pedestrians also have a legal duty to act reasonably, by adhering to the traffic laws such as crossing the road only at the proper times and staying within crosswalks.

A pedestrian accident can happen in a split second, but the consequences can last a lifetime. A seriously injured victim often faces high medical bills and may be out of work for quite a long time, leading to lost wages. Some injuries may even be career-ending if the physical effects are permanent. Pain and suffering can be severe. All this combined can lead to substantial mental and emotional distress.

If the injured can show that their injuries were the result of a driver’s negligence, they may recover compensation for some or all these damages. A trusted legal professional can provide accurate information and guidance through the process.

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