Pedestrians hurt in hit and run auto accident, driver surrenders

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Any auto accident can cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities in the Central Valley and throughout California. Some people, however, are more vulnerable. When the collision involves cars or trucks, there is some layer of protection regardless of its severity. Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are not accorded this benefit. To make matters worse, some drivers choose to flee the scene. After a pedestrian accident, people who have been hurt or lost a loved one should know what steps to take.

Driver crashes into two pedestrians and flees scene

A car hit two pedestrians as they were in the intersection and crossing the street at around 5:45 p.m. The couple, a man and woman, were injured. The woman suffered severe injuries as she was thrown following the impact. The man was not seriously hurt. The driver of the vehicle fled. About a half-hour later, the person called law enforcement and confessed to have been driving the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.

Pedestrian accidents can cause long-term damage and death

Pedestrian accidents can result in brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, bruises and soft tissue injuries with symptoms that do not appear until much later. There can also be psychological damage. People may be confronted with medical expenses that they cannot pay. Working as they did before or contributing to a family could be impossible. Performing the most basic tasks could require assistance, placing a strain on the family. When the accident was a hit and run and the pedestrians were in the intersection, it is important to gather evidence as to what happened in the crash as this may be crucial for a successful legal filing.

Consulting with qualified legal professionals can provide guidance

The woman who was hit was critically injured. Her companion suffered injuries that were said to be minor, but there is always a chance that issues could arise as time passes. As the case is investigated and its circumstances are assessed, the injured couple and their families should know how to secure compensation for what they have lost and will lose in the future. Calling a firm with skill and experience in personal injury claims can provide information and help throughout the process.

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