North Hollywood accident kills YouTube personality

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Passengers should not feel they are taking their lives into their own hands every time they get into a vehicle. As far as personal safety issues such as wearing a seat belt, it may be reasonable to expect adult passengers to see to their own protection. However, passengers (no matter their age) typically cannot influence a driver’s decision to behave recklessly. 

When a driver makes such a decision, the consequences are often catastrophic. 

YouTube star killed in suspected drunk driving accident 

According to The Mercury News, such was the result of an accident that recently occurred in North Hollywood. Authorities responded to calls of a single-car crash. Reports say that the driver was speeding excessively and lost control of the vehicle. The passenger in the vehicle (a popular YouTube celebrity) died of injuries he received in the collision. 

The driver reportedly attempted to flee the scene after the crash, but law enforcement officials apprehended and arrested him. Intoxication was apparently a factor in the collision. Sources say that he may be facing murder charges after the fatal DUI crash. 

Victims may pursue civil action concurrent with a criminal trial 

A victim can seek civil action against a defendant who is simultaneously facing criminal charges. A liability determination from a civil action is independent of any pending criminal charges, even when related to the same incident. 

This may come as welcome news to accident victims and their families, as the compensation that can come from such action can relieve a tremendous financial burden. Many people seek the advice of an attorney before moving ahead with litigation. 

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