Young parents should draft wills to name guardians for children

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When people in California become parents for the first time, there are many aspects of their lives that will completely change. There are also many things they begin thinking about regarding how they will raise their children. They will need to research and choose child care options, they will need to make decisions about diet for their children, what activities they will be involved in, eventually what schools they will go to and many other aspects of their lives.

However, one thing most young parents do not think about is the fact that they may not be around to raise them. Unfortunately, some young parents pass away far too young while their children are still minors. No one can predict the future and it is important to plan for it. This means that young parents should think about who would take care of their children if they were not around. Parents can ensure the appropriate people will care for them if they pass away by naming guardians for their children in a will.

Duties of a guardian

Naming a guardian for children is an important decision and it is important for both the parent and the potential guardian to understand the responsibilities that they will have if the parents pass away.

Guardians will be given full custody of the children and be responsible for providing basic food, shelter and clothing for the children. They will also be responsible for the medical and dental care for the children. Guardians also choose what schools the children will attend and work with the children on any special needs. In addition to these responsibilities they will also need to provide love, support and guidance to the children as they grow older.

Death is not something most young parents in California want to think about it. However, it is a possibility and something that parents need to prepare for while they are able to do so. They can do this by drafting a will. Even if they do not have many assets to pass on, it is still important to draft them in order to name guardians who will care for their children if they are gone. There are many considerations when drafting wills and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.

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