Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims And Lawsuits

The team at Griswold LaSalle Cobb Dowd & Gin LLP gladly answers questions for our clients and potential clients at all stages of a case. Common concerns include the following:

Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?

Liable parties should pay for injuries and losses that they cause. However, the costs of preparing a claim might equal more than the compensation you might receive. Our attorneys can help determine whether a detailed investigation will be worth the effort and expense. If it won’t be worth it, we will share valuable information about alternative paths to recovery.

What Compensation Can I Get With A Personal Injury Claim?

Medical bills, lost wages replacement, and pain and suffering are typical categories of compensation. The following issues may have an impact on the outcome. Items to consider include:

  • How serious are your injuries? What is your prognosis for recovery?
  • What other losses and expenses have you experienced?
  • Can another party’s liability be proven?
  • What resources, including insurance coverage, does the liable party have?
  • If the negligent party cannot pay what the case is worth, do you have other resources, such as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage?

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

  • Call 911. Seek medical attention promptly after the crash.
  • Get photos and other evidence from the scene or ask family members or friends to help.
  • Answer basic questions from first responders and inform your insurance company of the accident.
  • Do not make detailed statements to investigators before seeking legal advice.
  • Follow doctors’ orders.
  • Keep your lawyer updated of any changes in your condition.

Should I Accept The Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

Griswold LaSalle Cobb Dowd & Gin LLP strongly urges you to rely on an attorney’s experience as you weigh this important decision.

How Long Do I Have To File My Personal Injury Claim In California?

Standard statutes of limitations for bringing lawsuits in California are two years for injuries and three years for property damage. However, you should not wait to consult a lawyer. If you wait too long, any of the following scenarios may happen:

  • Legal opponents may not believe that your injuries were solely caused by that accident.
  • Valuable evidence may evaporate. For example, eyewitnesses may die or be impossible to track down later.
  • It may be too late for you to file a workers’ compensation claim if your injury was work-related. (A third-party liability lawsuit may be brought later, but having a lawyer on your side early on can help with all aspects of your case.)
  • You may miss the time limit for making a claim if a government entity is involved (as in the case of a crash with a public bus).

How Can I Get A Free Consultation With A Lawyer After An Accident?

From our law offices in Hanford, our lawyers will evaluate your personal injury case with no fee or obligation. Call us at 559-584-6656 or complete our online intake form to get started.