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If you experience a serious personal injury from an accident, or from the negligence of someone else, our law firm has the capacity to assist you with the filing of your claim all the way through the negotiation of your settlement. Our personal injury lawyers specialize in car accident injuries, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. Griswold & LaSalle, LLP will stand up and fight for you! Our attorney’s office is located in Hanford, CA and our attorneys provide expert legal advice throughout Kings, Tulare, Exeter, and Fresno Counties. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Hanford Law Firm Specializing in all Types of Personal Injury Cases


Whether you were injured due to someone disobeying the rules of the road or failing to maintain their property, you may be due compensation for your injury. With so many injury causes out there today, here are just a few of the many types of personal and accident injury cases we will fight for you on:


Automotive Collision / Car Accident Injuries


Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be traumatic and difficult. Roadway accidents involving cars or trucks may sometimes lead to high medical bills or missed work days. If another party was at fault for the traffic accident, you may be due more compensation than you’re getting from the responsible party or their insurance company. Griswold and LaSalle, LLP will do everything in our power to get you compensated for your physical, mental, and financial suffering. When you or a loved one is hurt in a collision or accident in Tulare or Kings County, call us for the best chance of getting the financial restitution that you deserve.


Medical and Dental Malpractice


If you’ve experienced the pain of an injury due to medical or dental negligence you have the right to seek compensation for your injury. Whether a doctor or dental practitioner left you in a worsened condition or created new injuries due to neglect, our team can help you determine if you have a case and who the responsible parties are. As soon as we establish that you have been wronged by a medical professional our team will get to work and tirelessly negotiate the settlement you or your loved one deserves.


Insurance Disputes


Insurance companies are meant to provide financial protection in the event of a catastrophic event but sometimes they don’t provide a just amount of compensation. Our team can help you navigate disputes with your insurance company, helping resolve claims that are denied, limited, or delayed.


Have you suffered any of these types of injuries or experiences, or have another type of personal injury you would like to make a claim for? Our team of accident injury attorneys can help determine who should be held responsible and whether you will be able to file a successful claim. For a personalized consultation give our law office a call today – (559) 584-6656


Our skilled personal injury attorneys know how much your claim will be worth and how to navigate the complicated legal process including filing with your insurance. We also have the training and experience in settlement negotiations. This allows us to secure you a better financial outcome than you would be able to obtain by yourself or a less qualified legal team.


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