The Process of Setting Aside a Default Judgment
Have you been mailed or served with a judgment against you and you did not ever know there was a...
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Advance Health Care Directive
What is an Advance Health Care Directive? An Advance Health Care Directive is important because it comes into play when...
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What is a Deposition?
In a legal case, the more information that can be obtained, the better off the lawyer and client are before...
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ADR and the Role it Plays in a Lawsuit
Alternative Dispute Resolution (commonly known as ADR) can settle a case before it goes to trial. Around 90% of civil...
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Do I Need a Will or Trust?
Wills A will is a document where its creator, called the “testator,” will designate who receives his or her property...
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The Basics of Responding to a Lawsuit
If you’ve been sued and are unfamiliar with the legal system, it is a good practice to immediately consult with...
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California High Speed Rail
Raymond Carlson was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times for an article about the most recent setback to the California...
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“Super Bowl” vs. “Big Game”
Why do so many commercials avoid saying the words “Super Bowl?” It is simple – the National Football League has...
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Is Your Non-Profit Tax Exempt?
  A common misconception is that a non-profit corporation is the same thing as a “501(c)(3)” tax-exempt entity.  They are...
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Payroll Mistakes Can Cost You – Literally.
  Pay stubs are not only required to be given to employees, but must also contain certain information.  If the...
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