by Mario U. Zamora
Public Records Act requests can at times be simple, but a small change can make it extremely complicated.  One such change is when electronic records are involved.  The excerpt below is from an article which appeared in the June 2012 edition of Western Cities Magazine, and is one I co-authored and specifically relates to how electronic media can greatly impact compliance with a Public Records Act request.

“Members of the public and local agency officials carrying out the public’s business use electronic media to communicate, and this type of communication is increasingly widespread. Local agencies also use electronic media for external and internal communications and to create, transmit and store official information.

This article provides an overview of the law affecting local agency electronic information, discusses some emerging electronic records issues affecting local agencies and offers suggestions regarding local agency electronic records programs. For a more extensive resource on records laws affecting California local agencies, see:The People’s Business: A Guide to the California Public Records Act(
and the 2011 supplement (”

Full article is here

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